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North Carolina Voice Over

be a voice for recovery 

Don't let the hard exterior fool you.

The Gift of Gab is about more than just using my voice to make a living. 

It's about using my voice to make a difference.

I believe we can all #BeAVoice and end stigma.

It IS possible to survive, recover, & thrive with a mental illness, substance abuse or addiction diagnosis. 

With advocacy, education, and cooperation we can make a difference. 

You have a voice too, and you can use it to help. 


I'm also a proud partner with Volunteer Voiceover - this site connects nonprofit and 501c3 organizations with qualified, volunteer voice over actors who offer our voice over services free of charge for charities. 

my voice is in action with these organizations

Mental Health

Mental Health

Mental Health
15 Minutes a Night Drunk Driving PSA part 1
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15 Minutes a Night Drunk Driving PSA part 2 Still Waiting
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Voices for Recovery PSA
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Victim Advocacy Care
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Mental Health Resources

988 suicide crisis lifeline
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You are not alone.
You have options.
Help is available.
You are loved and needed. Please, choose help & choose hope. 

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