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i'm fluent in three languages

English,  Sarcasm  & Profanity

Italian Accent
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Queen Latifah         Sherri Shepherd      Angela Bassett    Niecy Nash      Wanda Sykes    Alicia Keys            Sheryl Lee Ralph     Leslie Jones       Tiffany Haddish       Samira Wiley

opinionated | loud | fun | diva

| hip-hop | street |

 character voiceovers

Witty, lively, African American voiceovers are finally mainstream. And globally, the Hip Hop style is as all-American as it gets. Urban voices, black actors, and African American entertainers are more prevalent than ever and bring an undeniable flavor and style that is universally recognized & loved. I'm a character voiceover actress that brings a racially neutral & ethnically ambiguous sound to your voiceover project. I'm hired a lot because I can sound very close if not match (do a vocal impression) of black celebrities, african american actors - 



A little soul, a little edgy rock and roll.






Super sassy


serious or fun... I tell it like it is.   


Real & relatable - I've been there, done that


You bring the story

I'll make sure it's heard


Smoky & Soft 

Smooth & Hip 

Young & Moody 

Slam Poetry Style 


Educational / corporate

Older, wiser, warm, inviting, sophisticated, 

& kid-friendly for e-learning & education.


The voice of your favorite teacher or grandma. 

Mature and maternal plus understanding, patient, kind. 


From the American streets of NY, LA, or Detroit,

to deep south Cajun, Creole, or Carolina,

to Wakanda (African/Tribal),


I've got the sound you're looking for.


I've also played medicine women, sci-fi/fantasy creatures, and badass heroines.



Affiliate, Network or Streaming

News, Drama, Comedy or Kids Programming.

Special events, concerts, and more. 



Radio Imaging


Hip Hop


Urban Oldies


© 2018 Gabi Mason - | 704-674-8294

urban female voiceovers, ghetto female voiceover,  animation, black character voices, Wanda Sykes voice, Queen Latifah sound-alike, Sherri Shepard voice-match. Radio Imaging for Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Rhythmic, Urban Oldies, Motown, Soul, Tiffany Haddish, sound alike. AAVE and BVE dialect  - African American Vernacular English or Black Vernacular English.  Hip Hop urban slang, southern black lady, NY African American dialect,  A.A.V.E, Black woman, lady, girl

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