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The Living Legends & The Formats Who Love Them

Howard Parker - Rock, Active Rock, Classic Rock
Randy Thomas - AC, HOT AC, Jazz, Lite Rock
Jennifer Vaughn - CHR, Rock
Steve Stone - Rock, Sports, CHR
Cam Brainard - Country
Beau Weaver - CHR, News, Talk, Country, Oldies
Malcolm Ryker – Alternative & Active Rock
Kelly Kelly Kelly - CHR, HOT AC, Dance
John Frost – Active Rock – long time voice of KRock NY   – ‘Hey John – marry me? We could make freaky imaging babies together!’
Dave Foxx - CHR, Urban – long time voice of Z100 NY – ‘Hey Dave – if John says no – you’re my plan B! or we could all make imaging TOGETHER!'

Radio Imaging… They’re All Just A Bunch of DJ’s – right?

I’ve written countless articles about the differences between Radio Imaging voice talent and radio performers. Yes, many radio imaging voices have a radio background. However, many more have never even stepped foot inside of a radio station, let alone worked in one. Imaging isn’t very old. It’s only been considered mainstream since roughly 1995. In the early days radio imaging was mainly voiced by radio folks. Today, most radio stations look to hire actors. The difference is simple: DJs are taught to announce a message, actors are taught to communicate emotions through their actions and words. We don’t just read words on the page, we make you feel those words. We decipher nuance and meaning in each message. Trust me, it’s harder than it sounds. It takes loads of practice and a true love of the acting arts to voice effectively for radio imaging.

Imaging Is About Evolution

How Do I Book Radio Imaging Work?

Right on, come join the party. You need coaching and a killer demo. I've got you covered. At you'll find info about both. You'll also need to make friends - here are my favorite imaging partners. 

This Is My Passion


I've worked with and for radio for years. I fell in love with the radio industry when I was 6 years old, listening to Linda Energy, Elvis Duran & other famous NY DJs. I was obsessed with all things Z-100 and Hot 96! As a teenager, my attention shifted to 92.3 K-Rock and Q104. Howard Stern was and still is one of my idols. 


The Late & The Great


There are a few individuals that paved the way for Radio Imaging talent everywhere. We'll never know where we are going if we don’t know where we came from. These are men responsible for the history all radio imaging voiceover artists share. Their legacy lives on every time one of us steps up to the mic. 


Chuck Riley  |   Don LaFontaine    |    Ernie Anderson​   |    Sam O’Neil   |   Brian James |  Chris Corley

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