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Sometimes I roll my eyes when people say they are Italian. That's because there's Italian-American and then there's Italian

My mom is from a tiny Sicilian town & I spent my summer's there as a kid. Perhaps you've heard of it, Cefalu? No? Big shock. 

Anyway, my roots are responsible for my gypsy heart and ALL of my crazy. 


My dad's parents came to the United States from Calabria (the heel of the boot) via Ellis Island, and settled in Brooklyn, NY. 

I spent most of my childhood mimicking (and making fun of) the unique speech patterns of both my parents. So when you need an authentic Italian voiceover, I've gotcha covered. 

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Gabrielle Nistico is The Voiceover Vixen - an accomplished voiceover actress, voiceover coach and voiceover author. Gabby delivers the ultimate edgy, sarcastic female voiceover.  Her bitchy voiceovers are legendary. Need your voiceover to sting? Need it to have some bite? Gabrielle is the one you want to cast. An expert in radio imaging and TV promo, Gabby has voiced for hundreds of radio and TV stations. When your airwaves need attitude she's the voice you want. Smart, cynical, bold, intelligent, quick witted, sarcastic, demanding, assured, self-confident, conversational, quirky, strong, snarky millennial, sassy, urban, deep, rich, flip, irreverent, gritty, real.

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