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i'm fluent in three languages

English,  Sarcasm  & Profanity

Italian American

Italian Accent - Voice Over (Female)
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Sometimes I roll my eyes when people say they are Italian. That's because there's Italian-American and then there's Italian

My mom is from a tiny Sicilian town & I spent my summers there as a kid. Perhaps you've heard of it, Cefalu? No? Big shock. 

Anyway, my roots are responsible for my gypsy heart and ALL of my crazy. 


My dad's parents came to the United States from Calabria (the heel of the boot) via Ellis Island, and settled in Brooklyn, NY. 

I spent most of my childhood mimicking (and making fun of) the unique speech patterns of both my parents. So when you need an Italian-American voiceover, I've gotcha covered. 

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