Bitchin' Radio Imagin'


My stations love me, the listeners identify with me and I eat, breathe, and sleep rock radio. 


Voiceover with attitude? Yup. 

Bold, real, authentic? YAAAS!!

Think you can hang?


Demos in the front, contact in the back

- let's make some noise! 


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"I swear I'm not trying to flatter you, but dang...

I can see why you are you and other people are not.

Listening to the reads, I hear the subtle change of inflections, the intonation, the nuances and the interpretations that take a simple, single phrase and turn it two or three ways that make it better than I heard it in my mind. Excellent!"

Dave Marsh - Splat Radio Imaging

I'm stoked to be part of the SPLAT family! 

My voice +

Splat imaging


Epic Rock Radio! 

"She gives a good read. Gabby’s been our radio imaging voice for seven years and my only regret is not finding her sooner.”

"You are awesome. You rock, and you know that I know that you know that I know that."

“Our Radio Imaging clients demand superior acting & there’s no copy Gabrielle can’t handle.”

“Gabby is a tremendous voice talent. She has the attitude and clean sound that we want - with quick turnaround.”

Doug McKnight

​Rock 101

Keith Hastings

Cox Media Group

Peter Jorgenson

​Radius Marketing


​Rock 92


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Gabrielle Nistico is The Voiceover Vixen - an accomplished voiceover actress, voiceover coach and voiceover author. Gabby delivers the ultimate edgy, sarcastic female voiceover.  Her bitchy voiceovers are legendary. Need your voiceover to sting? Need it to have some bite? Gabrielle is the one you want to cast. An expert in radio imaging and TV promo, Gabby has voiced for hundreds of radio and TV stations. When your airwaves need attitude she's the voice you want. Smart, cynical, bold, intelligent, quick witted, sarcastic, demanding, assured, self-confident, conversational, quirky, strong, snarky millennial, sassy, urban, deep, rich, flip, irreverent, gritty, real.

iPDTL, Phone Patch, ISDN Bridge capable