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501952_voiceover vixen flower_081419_edi
501952_voiceover vixen flower_081419_edi

Bitchin' Radio Imagin'


My stations love me, the listeners identify with me and I eat, breathe, and sleep rock radio. 


Radio Imaging Voiceover with attitude? Yup. 

Bold, real, authentic? YAAAS!!

Think you can hang?


Demos in the front, contact in the back

- let's make some noise! 


Radio Imaging Demos

Classic Rock Alternative AOR
00:00 / 01:15
00:00 / 01:12
KSplat Rock Demo.mp3
00:00 / 01:16
Radio Imaging Voice Over

"I swear I'm not trying to flatter you, but dang...

I can see why you are you and other people are not.

Listening to the reads, I hear the subtle change of inflections, the intonation, the nuances and the interpretations that take a simple, single phrase and turn it two or three ways that make it better than I heard it in my mind. Excellent!"

Dave Marsh - Splat Radio Imaging

I'm stoked to be part of the SPLAT family! 

My voice +

Splat imaging


Epic Rock Radio! 

"She gives a good read. Gabby’s been our radio imaging voice for seven years and my only regret is not finding her sooner.”

"You are awesome. You rock, and you know that I know that you know that I know that."

“Our Radio Imaging clients demand superior acting & there’s no copy Gabrielle can’t handle.”

“Gabby is a tremendous voice talent. She has the attitude and clean sound that we want - with quick turnaround.”

Doug McKnight

​Rock 101

Keith Hastings

Cox Media Group

Peter Jorgenson

​Radius Marketing


​Rock 92

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