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North Carolina Voice Over Artist

I'm a 20-year voiceover veteran, recording every day for my voiceover clients. 


You hear me daily on radio, TV, YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, in movies & TV-shows, on your phone apps, and probably in your car & living room.  Boston Market, Ashley Furniture, Invisalign, Office Depot, Harley Davidson, Novant Health, Clayton Homes, Whole Foods and Food Network are just some of my clients. 


I spend about 80% of my time voice acting and 10% helping other voiceover actors achieve their goals. The remaining 10% is devoted to my husband, pets, and the pursuit of my other creative endeavors.  You'll find me rockhounding, gem and mineral collecting, jewelry making, cooking, playing pool and reminding my MS that I'm still in charge! 

I'm known in the voiceover industry for my business focused coaching, no non-sense approach to speaking and mentoring & my blue hair and tattoos. I help voiceover hopefuls develop their skills on and off mic. To see my class options, and learn more about my voiceover services (including voiceover website & demo creation) - click here


I grew up in the suburbs of NYC and started working in radio as a teenager. In my 20 plus years in the industry, I have been a copywriter, audio/demo producer, casting director, authored three voiceover books, and co-host the industry-acclaimed VOBoss podcast. 

Gabrielle Nistico NC Voice Over

Oh no, I can't slow down, I can't hold back
Though you know, I wish I could
Oh no there ain't no rest for the wicked
Until we close our eyes for good. 

- Cage The Elephant


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